🐶 Dear dog rescuer

We are "Save the Dogs BiH" and we rescue stray dogs in Bosnia. We rescue dogs from the streets or free them from unbearable living conditions. They are examined by a veterinarian, given medical care, neutered/spayed, and then integrated into our currently 10-hectare, dog ranch. Our team takes care of the dogs there - they receive a lot of love, food, and fresh water. They play with them every day, they have a roof over their heads, and they get to experience what it means to have a carefree life. Currently, 150 dogs live on the ranch in Bosnia. Our top priority is to ensure that the ranch is not overloaded and that the dogs can have a beautiful and safe life.

"We rely on every donation to expand the ranch and ensure medical care for every dog."

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💪 All you need to know

Check out our website, visit us on Instagram, follow along as we save lives every day, and see what happens with your donation money. Together, we can make a big impact, and every donation counts. We thank you so much - the dogs will never forget it!

About Us

❓How did it come about that there are so many stray dogs in the Balkans?

During the war, many people had to flee from Bosnia and left their dogs behind, which bred uncontrollably and have been living and suffering from hunger on the streets of villages and cities ever since. On the other hand, people bring dogs home and as soon as they can no longer or do not longer want to feed them, they abandon them.
However, the dogs are not only abandoned but sometimes also tortured, set on fire and shot, beaten, abused for illegal fights, or neglected and kept chained in the front yards of their owners.